PGS Grows 3D Seismic Position in North Sea


PGS has acquired over 5,000 sq. km of MultiClient data in the North Sea this year, mainly in Norway. These surveys are the latest in a highly prefunded 4-year MultiClient campaign offshore Northwest Europe, making PGS the market leader in speculative 3D seismic acquisition in the region.

Acquisition techniques include long streamer, HD3D and MultiAzimuth. PGS employs a full range of technology to increase image fidelity at prospect level, with survey design and processing tailored for each area. PGS is also engaged in reprocessing a large part of its Central North Sea MegaSurvey, applying new processing algorithms, such as beam depth migration.

Kristen Berli, Business Development Manager for Scandinavia, commented, "We see considerable interest from oil companies in PGS’ MultiClient survey concepts in the North Sea. Even in the current strong contract market, our MultiClient model is robust enough to secure PGS vessel capacity. We work closely with our clients to optimize survey design and to ensure cost effective acquisition."