NWest Modifies 3D Seismic Program for Western Newfoundland

NWest Energy Inc. is modifying its proposed 3D seismic data acquisition program for Western Newfoundland in order to better meet exploration deadlines and expand the size of the 3D seismic area.

The data acquisition program will be conducted using Exploration 3D Seismic (E3D) technology and the Geophysical Service Inc (GSI) vessel GSI Pacific commencing in mid-October. Using E3D technology, NWest will expand the size of the 3D seismic area from the original 900 square kilometers to approximately 1,428 square kilometers. The E3D program will increase the number of prospects surveyed from four to six of the property's top 11 prospects.

NWest President and Chief Executive Officer Francois Gauthier said, "We are very pleased to be expanding the 3D seismic area and excited about conducting the first modern data acquisition program in the Western Newfoundland offshore. We are confident the changes to the program will improve our ability to best identify exploration drilling targets."