Det Norske Achieves Record Production for September

Det norske

In September, Det norske achieved a record production of 2,122 barrels per day from the Company's interests in the fields Jotun, Glitne, Enoch, and Varg. This is the first time Det norske has produced more than 2,000 barrels per day.

CEO Erik Haugane said that the Company is pleased to have exceeded a new round production figure.

"In a Norwegian context we are still a small producer, but we are definitely satisfied with having increased our production. Still, this represents just the beginning for us," commented Haugane.

Haugane has referenced the fact that Det norske will boost its production considerably when Yme starts producing in one year. The Company's interest in Yme corresponds to a daily production in the amount of 4,000 barrels.