COSL Delivers 2 New Vessels for Operation

China Oilfield Services Ltd.

China Oilfield Services Limited announced that two new vessels have been delivered for operation successfully. They are COSL561, a 4,000-brake-horsepower utility vessel built by Guangxi Guijiang Shipyard, and COSL601, a 6,500-brake-horsepower S-type standby vessel built by Guangzhou Huangpu Shipyard. These mark the beginning of deliveries for operation of the 18 six-type utility vessels.

COSL561 and COSL601 are the first two of the 18 six-type utility vessels COSL commissioned to build lately that are delivered for operation. Their deliveries for operation help improve the vessel age profile in COSL's marine support and transportation services segment, boosting the operation efficiency of the Company's vessel fleet as a whole.