Earthworks Launches Ultra Fast Stochastic Seismic Inversion Software

Earthworks Environment & Resources Ltd.

Earthworks Environment & Resources Ltd., a leading technology solutions provider to the upstream oil and gas industry, has launched the latest version of its industry leading Seismic Inversion software, MPSI v1.2.

MPSI is a cost effective, ultra-fast Stochastic Inversion software solution that allows users of existing deterministic inversion packages to extend their stochastic inversion technology capabilities. Stochastic Inversion is used to understand the uncertainty in Seismic Inversion and allows the user to explore the impact of this geophysical uncertainty on the lithology, porosity or reservoir volumes over the 3D seismic volume inverted.

The key benefits of the solution to geophysicists include:

  • High performance allows the user to routinely generate the 100+ realizations necessary to compute reliable uncertainty statistics for the Inversion and allows the user to directly understand the uncertainty in the Inversion process itself.
  • Using spatially varying convergence criterion the user can control the relative importance of the seismic and well data in the final Inversion and ensure the resulting deterministic or Stochastic Inversion will tie the well data.
  • During the Inversion the user can correct the impedance values for the asymmetric error term which arises due to inversion solving for reflectivity (seismic amplitudes).

Ashley Francis, Managing Director of Earthworks, said, "MPSI technology is ground breaking, resulting in the maximum performance on standard desktop workstations and avoiding the need for special hardware. MPSI Stochastic Inversion has been used successfully on many projects for our clients over the last five years. With the release of MPSI v1.2 this technology is now available on the desktop to Geophysicists everywhere."