Onco Elects New Board Chairman, CEO & Appoints Committee Officers

Onco Petroleum Inc. has announced that its Board of Directors consisting of Peter Bilodeau, Robert Claeys, Robert Burgener, Frederick Dixon and Brad French, have appointed a Chairman, a lead director, an officer, established Board committees, and selected Board committee members.

Members of the Board have unanimously elected Peter Bilodeau as the Chairman of the Board, and appointed him as Chief Executive Officer and President.

Robert Claeys has been elected to serve as the lead director of the Corporation.

The Board has also established the following committees and appointed the following committee members:

  • Audit Committee -- Robert Claeys (chairman), Robert Burgener and Frederick Dixon
  • Governance Committee -- Robert Burgener (chairman), Peter Bilodeau and Brad French
  • Compensation Committee -- Frederick Dixon (chairman), Robert Claeys and Peter Bilodeau