Texas Crude Spuds JV Block A-5 at Sugarkane Gas Field

Empyrean Energy Plc

Empyrean Energy has provided the following update on operations on Block A which is part of the Sugarkane Gas and Condensate Field.

TCEI JV Block A-5 Well

Empyrean has been advised by Texas Crude Energy Inc ("TCEI") that the TCEI JV Block A-5 well commenced drilling on the September 29, 2008.

The well is designed as a vertical well that will target all three potential pay zones (Upper, Middle & Lower) identified on the Sugarkane Gas and Condensate Field. The "Upper" zone has two wells that Empyrean has previously reported as successfully flowing commercial quantities of gas and condensate on test (Block A-1 & A-3 wells).

Empyrean has a working interest of 7.5% in this well.