Statfjord Field Symbolic of Norway's Cultural Heritage, Development

StatoilHydro ASA

The Directorate for Cultural Heritage has characterized a selection of installations on the Norwegian continental shelf as valuable symbols of the development of modern Norway. The Statfjord field is now to become part of the cultural heritage.


A project has been launched to document for posterity the valuable technical and industrial cultural heritage represented by the field.

Drawings, photographs, films, publications, interviews and other archive material will be stored in digital databases.

All sources will be available on an internet portal when the cultural heritage project is completed in 2011.

The project team consists of representatives of the Regional State Archive, the National Library, the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and StatoilHydro.

As Operator, StatoilHydro has facilitated the cultural heritage project with the support of the other license holders. The Statfjord license is financing the project in the amount of NOK 7 million.