Petrobras Begins Production from Coral Field

Petrobras revealed that the 7-CRL-4D well in the Coral Field, located on the continental platform, offshore Paraná State began production last week. With a daily flow rate of 10,000 barrels of oil, it substantially surpassed the initial previsions. According to the classification of the American Petroleum Institute the oil has an API of 41 degrees, which means it is light and of optimum quality.

This new producing well is part of the Development Project of the Coral and Estrela do Mar Fields, located approximately 180 kilometers from Parana State in approximately 150 meters of water.

The Project has three wells in the Coral field and one at the Estrela do Mar field; these are interlinked with the Atlantic Zephyr semisub platform and with the Avaré tanker, anchored in the area where the oil is processed and stocked before being transferred by relief tankers to the oil refineries.

When the two other Coral wells are put into operation, which should occur in the coming months, the production of the Atlantic Zhephyr platform will increase 20,000 barrels a day.

Petrobras is the operator and has a 35% participation in the consortium that is implanting the Development Project for Coral Field and of Estrela do Mar. The other partners are Queiroz Galvão, with 30%, Coplex, with 27.5% and Starfish, with 7.5%.