FX to Spud Kromolice-2 in Mid-October

FX Energy, Inc. reported that the drilling contractor for the Kromolice-2 well has been selected and the well is scheduled to spud in mid-October. NAFTA Pila, the same contractor that drilled the Company's recent commercial discovery, Kromolice-1, will be the contractor for Kromolice-2.

The new well is located on a separate structure approximately one kilometer to the south of Kromolice-1. The Kromolice-2 well is the third well to be drilled on recently acquired 3D seismic data in the Company's Fences Concession in Western Poland. POGC owns 51% and operates the wells; FX Energy owns 49%.

Sroda-6 Well

The Sroda-6 well has reached the top of the Zechstein formation at approximately 3,235 meters. The well will now be logged and cased, after which drilling will resume to the Rotliegend target formation, projected to be encountered at approximately 3,640 meters in about one month.