SCAN Wraps Up Challenging 3D Seismic Program for PDVSA

SCAN Geophysical ASA has announced the recent successful completion of a 2,500 Km2 towed streamer seismic acquisition 3D program for PDVSA in the Mariscal Sucre area where conditions are known to be challenging for marine operations.

The M/V SCAN Resolution, towing four streamers and dual sources, despite complex conditions with currents and salinity, performed admirably and completed the job -- the largest 3D program ever acquired in this region of Venezuelan waters -- at the beginning of this month.

"We are extremely pleased with the performance of our crew," said Patrick Pitaud, General Manager for SCAN's activity in Venezuela. "This area is known for its treacherous currents, widely varying salinity due to fresh water intrusion from the Orinoco River system, as well as interference from seasonable weather. Nevertheless, we encountered no major problems during the acquisition phase which the excellent crew onboard the vessel could not manage," he added.

"SCAN is rapidly building a reputation as the contractor of choice for challenging data acquisition in those regions of the world where local conditions dictate tailor-made configurations to cope with the particular challenges," said Kjell Karlsson, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for SCAN in Oslo.

"The completion of the Mariscal Sucre 3D project, with its underlying geographical difficulties, is a significant step in PDVSA's development of its offshore resources," said PDVSA management. "The first processing steps are very promising, and show very good data quality, which will allow PDVSA to further refine their development in this area. PDVSA commends SCAN Geophysical on a difficult job well done."

Subsequent to class docking procedures, the M/V SCAN Resolution will commence another contract for PDVSA, the previously announced 3,500 Km2 3D acquisition program in the Dragon Norte region, the largest job ever for SCAN.