Odfjell Drilling Opens New Office in Norway

Odfjell Drilling will open its new office premises at Tananger outside Stavanger.

"This is an important investment for the company in Stavanger," said CEO Ketil Lenning. "The new office building means 200 new office workplaces and 3,000 extra square meters for Sola municipality and Stavanger."

Hakon Rege, mayor of Sola, will have the honor of formally opening the new office building at a ceremony at Odfjell Drilling at 3 pm today. There will also be a guided tour of the building during which guests will learn about the Company's focus on using the best available technology.

Odfjell Drilling now has a building covering 4,500 meters in Tananger. Among other things, it is equipped with 16 state-of-the-art collaboration rooms.

"Video-based communication between our staff, customers and rigs -- known in the industry as 'Integrated Operations' -- is where the future lies," added Lenning. "It makes our operations more efficient in relation to our own and customers' offshore rigs by ensuring shorter response times. We will also see benefits within the company in the form of more efficient meetings, and savings as a result of less travel will also benefit the

In addition to investing locally, Odfjell Drilling has recently opened an office in Manila in the Philippines and expanded its office in Dubai.