Schlumberger Unveils New StimMORE Fluid Diversion Service

Schlumberger has announced the release of its new StimMORE fluid diversion service for diverting fracture treatments along a wellbore in cemented or openhole completions. Used in combination with the StimMAP LIVE hydraulic fracture stimulation diagnostics service, which delivers microseismic data while the fracture treatment is pumped, the StimMORE service allows real-time optimization of fracture treatments.

The StimMORE service can be used in most well geometries and is ideally suited to horizontal wellbores, both cased hole and open hole, up to a maximum temperature of 121 degC [250 degF]. This service is especially well suited for use in shale formations.

The diversion slurries can be pumped on the fly as part of the main treating fluid, diverting the fracture as needed based on the real-time integration of microseismic data. The slurries are based on standard fracturing fluids and proppants, with the addition of a proprietary mix of materials that enable fracture diversion.

"The StimMORE service is part of the Contact portfolio of staged fracturing and completion services. These technologies allow us to create complex drainage patterns within the reservoir that enable access to reserves that may have otherwise been left in place," said Don Conkle, Stimulation Vice President, Well Services, Schlumberger.

The StimMORE re-fracturing treatment was recently applied to a major operator’s horizontal well in the Barnett Shale. Initial gas production of 2,200 Mcf/d [62,260 m3/d] had declined to less than 500 Mcf/d [14,150 m3/d] over a 4-year period. The StimMORE service, coupled with the StimMAP LIVE real-time fracture monitoring service, enabled efficient and cost-effective coverage of previously unstimulated well sections, resulting in a net increase in estimated ultimate recovery of 0.7Bcf.

Because of its operational simplicity and ease of application, the StimMORE service can be used in fracture diversion despite complex completion scenarios.