Sensornet Launches Oryx DTS Unit for Logging in Harsh Environments

Sensornet has announced the launch of its revolutionary Oryx distributed temperature sensing (DTS) unit, designed for the toughest monitoring needs.

The Company, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, designed the unique system for harsh environments and is ideal for monitoring applications from desert to sub-zero conditions. Combined with satellite, radio link, or fiber communications, the Oryx becomes a powerful remote logging DTS unit.

The autonomous, low powered system, able to operate from solar or wind power, has a continuous monitoring range of up to 5000m and a sampling resolution of one meter. It can operate in environmental temperatures from -40 degrees C to +65 degrees C. The housing enclosure is IP66 rated or above to ensure weather and dust proof deployment.

The Oryx boasts a wide range of flexible communications options and a direct link to PCs or laptops. Set-up, channel configuration and measurement can be performed remotely, eliminating the requirement to be in the vicinity of the DTS unit at the wellsite location. Additional on-board memory ensures a high quantity of measurements can be taken, ideal for "drive-by" collection of data where a communications system would be cost prohibitive.

The Oryx DTS is part of Sensornet's range of digital monitoring solutions to ensure that every monitoring requirement is met, specific to any need, environment and challenge.

Mark Watson, Sensornet's Vice President Middle East, commented, "The Oryx is the latest addition to our market leading range of DTS systems. It offers the most robust and reliable performance to ensure every remote harsh environment monitoring requirement is met."