Bergen Group Appoints Engebretsen as CEO

Bergen Group is executing new changes to the Company's organization and management. Pal Engebretsen, who recently was appointed as Executive Vice President in Bergen Group, will assume the position as CEO
following Roger Simmenes. Simmenes will become Chairman of the Board for Bergen Group's Offshore segment.

"I have wanted a more focused role related to Bergen Group's positioning within the offshore segment," said former CEO Roger Simmenes. In the position as Chairman of the Board for the Offshore segment Simmenes gets a key role in the group's business development.

"Tremendous work has been done to position Bergen Group in the market, and we have been able to reap the fruits of this work in the form of new contracts in the last couple of weeks," commented the new CEO, Pal Engebretsen. He continued, "The activity in the market is high, and we expect several new orders in the near future. The key tasks for me going forward will be to secure our ability to execute contracts and create strong results. This requires improved coordination and stronger management in the group. As a result, we may take further measures to strengthen the organisation in the near future," he warned.

Pal Engebretsen was appointed executive vice president in Bergen Group on September 8. He came from the position as CEO of Fosen Yards, and has been the main architect behind the large and successful restructuring of the company during the last two years. He has broad experience from top management positions, e.g. from the supplier industry to the energy sector. Engebretsen holds several board positions.