Shell Finds Moderate Damage at Facilities in Ike's Path

Shell has redeployed approximately 820 personnel to its operated facilities.  The company expects to have all personnel fully redeployed over the next few days.

Production from some of Shell's East operations is being ramped up at a rate of about 26,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (Total Gross). Continued output at the East facilities will depend on a variety of factors, including regular maintenance, repairs from Gustav and downstream oil and gas infrastructure readiness.

Shell facilities in its East GOM portfolio include three tension leg platforms: Mars, Ursa and Ram-Powell, as well as fixed platforms: Cognac, West Delta 143 and Main Pass 252.  Subsea systems include Europa, King, Deimos, Crosby, Princess, Mensa, Tahoe, SE Tahoe and Einset.

Shell says the eye of Hurricane Ike was closest to its West operations, so in that area, redeployed personnel are ensuring safe conditions, completing damage assessments, commencing repairs and preparing for production restart procedures. Production ramp up at each facility will vary, depending on repairs and downstream oil and gas infrastructure readiness. Production restart and ramp up could begin at some locations over the next few days, depending on downstream capabilities.

Drilling operations will begin in several locations, some as early as tomorrow.

Shell facilities in its West GOM portfolio include tension leg platforms Auger and Brutus, as well as fixed platforms: Enchilada, Bullwinkle, Cougar and Boxer. Subsea systems include Macaroni, Serrano, Oregano, Llano, Habanero, Angus, Manatee, Troika, Popeye, Gyrfalcon and Glider.

As personnel have been deployed to the assets, they have found some amount of moderate damage. This can be characterized as damage needing materials, manpower resources and some amount of time to repair. The extent of the damage and specific time to repair will vary from platform to platform, but could be days to weeks. More clarification of damage and time required to repair will come through further assessments. Damage found includes such things as: grating; tubing and cable trays; displaced equipment; and missing or damaged escape capsules. Although assessments are still ongoing, at this point, we believe we have the necessary resources to safely and efficiently make needed repairs to our facilities. We do not anticipate any material delivery issues and our normal complement of Shell staff (project and construction managers, civil and mechanical engineers, inspectors, safety technicians, etc.) along with our core contractor base, will be used for platform repairs.


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