Mariner Expects to Restore GOM Production Over the Next Several Days

Mariner Energy has completed preliminary assessments at nearly all of the Mariner-operated offshore structures and received updates from most of the operators at third-party operated properties. The company believes it does not have any material damage to its Gulf of Mexico asset base.

Based on information received from representatives of third-party operators of pipelines, processing plants and other downstream facilities, Mariner expects that the majority of its production will be restored over the next several days. Most of the remaining production is expected to resume over the next several weeks as additional downstream facilities come online.

Drilling and completion operations have restarted at Garden Banks 462 (Geauxpher), Desoto Canyon 49 (Dalmatian), Eugene Island 342 and Vermilion 380. Operations are expected to restart in a few days at Garden Banks 334 (Surge) and South Timbalier 49. As reported by the contractor, the rig working at South Marsh Island 149 has not been located. Mariner expects completion and drilling operations there to resume once a replacement rig has been secured.

More significant damage was identified at a couple of Mariner platforms that were scheduled for decommissioning or produced immaterial volumes.


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