Petrobras to Get 3 Pilot Projects, 8 FPSOs Operational by 2017

The executive manager for Pre-Salt Exploration and Production, José Formigli, said, this Tuesday, during the Rio Oil & Gas, that in 2017, the three pilot projects and the eight FPSO platforms the company has ordered for the pre-salt area will be in production. "This will be a historical milestone for Petrobras, reaching a rather significant production value," he said. The locations where the new units will operate have not been defined yet, but to Formigli  this is not a problem. "We have great potential in the area. There is plenty of space to install FPSOs. What we are doing is speeding the process up in order for the units to be ready as soon as possible."

The executive also highlighted that in the Tupi area there is a significant amount of gas.  "The gas x oil ratio in this region is twofold that of the Campos Basin, some 20%", in other words, 20% of the recoverable volume is gas. To flow the production, the manager said Petrobras is assessing the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) alternative. "Embarked gas is a solution that reduces environmental and social impacts."

According to Formigli, pre-salt exploration will change the paradigms of exploring in the Campos Basin. He explained that in 2017, the technologies that will be used will go well beyond the conventional ones, and that this can benefit the domestic industry. "It is an opportunity for the Brazilian industry to grow, become internationally competitive, and not be dependent on Petrobras."  The manager also said that in addition to the 25 drilling rigs that have been ordered from companies abroad, the Company has developed a project to make it feasible to build 28 rigs in the country.