Cameron Contributes to Production Start Up at K5

Cameron announced the successful start up of first gas from the Cameron DC All-Electric Subsea Production System installed as part of the K5F project developme by Total in the Dutch Sector of the North Sea.

The successful start-up of the K5 field marks the world’s first utilization of an all-electric subsea production system. The project includes a three-well combined template/manifold installed in 40 meters of water controlled from an existing platform 18 kilometers away. Production is piped back to an unmanned platform 10 kilometers away. The initial installation encompasses two template/manifold-mounted trees with the option for two additional trees in the future, one of which would be a satellite tree.

The system, supplied by Cameron and named CameronDC because it utilizes DC power, includes;

  • Fully redundant, all-electric control system configured for four wells, including tree-mounted Electric Subsea Control Modules (ESCMs), manifold–mounted Power Regulation and Control Modules (PRCMs) including end terminations for the coaxial cable supplying power and communication, Master Control Station (MCS), Electric Power and Communications Units(EPCU) and sea water return cathode/anode system.
  • CameronDC Christmas trees with electrically actuated production and annulus valves, electrically actuated chemical injection valves, and electrically actuated insert-retrievable chokes.

The patented CameronDC system features full redundancy throughout and offers unprecedented feedback during operation including instantaneous feedback on valve and choke operation and the ability to track operational characteristics throughout the life of the system. Valve-mounted spring packages ensure that the system is truly fail safe close should a loss of power or communication occur. In addition, CameronDC is a complete all-electric system from surface to subsea, CameronDC technology replaces conventional hydraulic technology to improve the operators financial performance through improved reliability, enhanced performance and the elimination of hydraulic discharge to the environment.

"This is a milestone achievement for both Cameron and Total,” said Hal Goldie, president of Cameron’s Drilling & Production Systems Subsea Division. “The successful commissioning of this project is a game changing event for the future of subsea production systems.”

"The ability to eliminate hydraulics subsea is a step-change in our industry that will help us to rethink what is possible in future projects around the world,” added Goldie.