DNV to Perform Pipeline Inspection Services for Statoil

DNV Technology Services has been awarded a worldwide frame contract with Statoil covering inspection services for offshore pipe laying and the follow-up of components for the next two years, with further one-year options.

The contract awarded covers two areas; inspection services offshore and inspection services for the onshore components. DNV was in strong competition with other international companies and was selected as one of two suppliers based on its experience and cutting-edge knowledge of pipeline technology.

Since the contract includes both the offshore and component aspects it may give DNV a larger involvement than before in previous contracts with Statoil, when only offshore installations were covered.

"Now we will also be involved in the follow-up of components worldwide. Over the next two years, Statoil will have a very high level of activity in this segment," says project manager Ove Høiland, adding that DNV’s main goal for this contract is to give the client the best possible quality and flexibility.

DNV has also won parts of the contract to lay the Kvitebjørn pipeline, involving the same services as are now included in the frame contract. From now on projects like this will be covered by the frame agreement. The work at Kvitebjørn has already started and will be completed by the end of May.