Universal Domains Tests Second Puckett Workover Well

Universal Domains has re-entered a shut-in well in the Puckett Field located in Mississippi and has now successfully drilled out plugs and cleaned out the well to a depth of 9400 ft. The company then employed Schlumberger to run a cased hole analytical log (TDTP log) to evaluate the well in order to determine remaining oil and/or gas reserves in previously produced or overlooked zones.

Results indicated that seven prospective oil and/or gas zones have producible reserves. Early results also indicate the possibility of a new unproduced gas zone at the shallow depth of approximately 7000 feet.

Upon review by a consulting geologist familiar with production characteristics in the area, the company followed advice to attempt completion in a sand present from 7676-7700 feet. Earlier this week the company perforated the zone from 7678 - 7682 so that it could be tested.

The first well reworked by the company continues and has already produced enough oil to pay 100% of the cost of the workover. Universal owns a 75% working interest in the Puckett Field, Mississippi and is partnered with Hawkeye Drilling Co.