Hurricane Ike Damages Transocean Marianas Mooring System

Transocean Inc.

A satellite-tracking system used to monitor offshore drilling rigs’ locations indicates that Hurricane Ike damaged the mooring system of the semisubmersible rig Transocean Marianas.  The rig appears to have moved off its pre-storm location and appears to have stopped significant movement at this time. Personnel were flown over the rig today to confirm the satellite-tracking report and to visually inspect the rig for any damage from the air. We plan to send personnel to board the rig, tomorrow, for further inspections and will provide an update after the facts are fully known.

In addition, the satellite-tracking system shows the moored semisubmersible rig Deepwater Nautilus still at its pre-storm location. Also, the moored semisubmersible rig Transocean Amirante remains at a dock at Mobile, Alabama. Transocean’s eight self-propelled DP semisubmersibles and drillships evaded Ike by moving out of its way and remain safe. Those rigs are in the process of returning to their original drilling locations.




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