Petrobras Makes Oil Discovery in Espirito Santo Basin

Petrobras completed drilling of the exploration well 1-ESS-121, located in the block BC-60, about 84 kilometers off the coast of the State of Espirito Santo. This well, located at a water depth of 1330 meters, found a new accumulation of oil, having crossed several reservoirs saturated with oil, totaling about 105 meters of porous thickness. The initial mapping allows for calculation, in the main reservoirs, of a reserve of about 600 million barrels.

The 1-ESS-121 was drilled, respectively, 10 kilometers to the South of the Jubarte field, discovered and delimited by Petrobras in the end of 2002.

The productivity of the reservoirs should be evaluated in a near future, within the context of the evaluation plan to be sent to ANP.