Nautronix Snags Communications System Contract for Acergy Discovery

Nautronix has received a contract from Acergy in Norway for chamber communications onboard the Acergy Discovery.

In the last 6 months, the Company stated that they have received orders worth just under £2 million (over US $3.53 million) for their Diver communications systems. A large proportion of these are bound for Norwegian waters, including contracts from Divex for the Subsea 7 vessel the Seven Atlantic and the Technip vessel the Skandi Arctic.

Vessel Systems Manager Andy McAra commented, "Our orders to Subsea 7 and Technip are the biggest communication systems we have supplied over the last 25 years with extensive communication and entertainment networks."

Nautronix DSP Unscramblers are designed and built to meet the stringent NORSOK Standards for Manned Underwater Operations. As such the company is continuing to see an upsurge in sales following the resurgence of the Diver Communications market with a current global market share of over 90% of all operational deep water systems.

Managing Director Mark Patterson commented, "The latest order adds to the company’s success in Norway following the $4 million contract in July from a Norwegian company for the supply of two NASDrill RS925 systems. We hope to see this success continue over to rest of the year not only with Dive Comms and NASDrill RS925 but also NASNet®.

"There are identifiable targets for NASNet® in Norway and we can offer numerous benefits to the subsea operations through systems use. As a result we will be making a big push in the Norwegian market in the coming months."