Ascent Optimistic About Frosinone Seismic Results Onshore Italy

Ascent Resources plc has received the preliminary results of the seismic acquisition program on the Frosinone Exploration Permit in the Latina Valley, onshore Italy. The 31 km of new 2D seismic data indicated that the structure drilled last year by the Anagni-1 well continues up dip in an easterly direction. The new seismic data is of better quality than the previous data acquired in 1980 and 1982 and provides acceptable imaging of the shallower geological horizons, which could not be resolved with the original seismic.

Ascent Managing Director Jeremy Eng said, "These results from the new seismic are encouraging and planning for the drilling of another Anagni appraisal well can now start. Although the work load of the Perazzoli rigs (Ascent 22.5%) remains high, as the permitting process proceeds, we would hope that we will be able to confirm the availability of a drilling unit in the near future."