OMNI Sees 'Very Minimal' Damage from Gustav

OMNI Energy Services Corp. sustained "very minimal" damage from Hurricane Gustav at its Fourchon, Venice, Morgan City, and Belle Chase facilities in southern Louisiana.

The Company said its Texas, Utah, and Wyoming facilities were unaffected by the storm, which hit the Louisiana Gulf Coast as a Category 2 hurricane on Monday, Sept. 1, 2008.

Brian J. Recatto, President and Chief Executive Officer of OMNI, stated, "We were fortunate that the impact of Gustav to OMNI was minimal and we are extremely pleased that none of our people were injured and none of our locations sustained significant property damage. We expect land-based drilling and production to return to normal levels of activity in southern Louisiana next week. Our main goal is to get our crews back for deployment as soon as our customers allow. Our offshore businesses may be impacted for an additional period of time but we plan to diligently seek opportunities to support cleanup activities until drilling and production offshore resume."