BP Brings Valhall South Flank Onstream

Production from BP's Valhall South Flank began production last week. The production is tied back to the Valhall field center where it utilizes existing processing facilities and export lines.

Production commenced from the first well and is expected to deliver around 4,000 barrels of oil daily (boed). It will take some months before full flow is achieved due to the field's special reservoir conditions. The next production well is scheduled on stream early July. Platform production capacity for the South Flank platform is 30,000 boed. The initial plan calls for seven producing wells. Recoverable reserves from the South and North Flanks is estimated to around 110 million barrels of oil.

This is the first platform on stream of two unmanned identical wellhead platforms located six kilometers, one to the South and one to the North, from the existing Valhall facilities.

Project General Manager Birte N. Borrevik said: "Bringing the South Flank onstream marks the start of a new growth era for the Valhall field. We are particularly pleased with the excellent co-ordination among all the players involved in the project both internally and externally. The project is now focusing on delivery of the twin platform for the North Flank, due for installation in July this year."

The 2,100-ton topside, 2,250-ton jacket and 1,400-ton piles were built at Hereema yards in T√łnsberg and abroad.

BP is the operator with a 28.15 stake. Other partners are Shell with 28.1%, Amerada Hess with 28.1% and TotalFinaElf with 15.7%.