Carpathian Appoints Hammer Interim Non-Executive Director

Carpathian Resources Limited announced the appointment of David Eric Hammer as interim non-executive director, effective Sept. 5, 2008. Hammer, 26, is an attorney licensed to practice law in the United States, and is currently the director of David E. Hammer, P.A. and is a former member of NutriSmart USA LLC. Hammer does not have an interest in the ordinary shares or options of Carpathian. There are no further details required to be disclosed under paragraph G of Schedule 2 of the AIM Rules.

The Company is also seeking two qualified Australian residents to serve as directors and expects to select and nominate two suitable candidates prior to the Company's annual general meeting which is expected to take place in November.

On August 28, 2008, Robert Downey and John Arbuckle, two directors of Carpathian, resigned as directors and, with respect to Mr. Arbuckle, as company secretary, effective immediately. In addition, DNA Capital, a company controlled by Messrs. Downey and Arbuckle, has ceased to provide corporate services to the Company. This change followed a review of the Company's administrative costs in an effort to reduce the Company's cost structure.