Reeves Wins Bass Strait Contract

Reeves Oilfield Services has won a three-year contract to supply Compact Well Shuttle services to a major international operator in the Bass Strait, offshore Australia. The award follows a series of successful operations in which Compact Well Shuttle was used in place of higher cost logging-while-drilling (LWD) services.

The new technology conveys Reeves' Compact™ open hole logging tools inside drill pipe. The tools are protected while running-in, and pumped into open hole after reaching total depth. The top of the tool string is retained by a collar within the Well Shuttle, and data is acquired as the pipe is pulled out of the hole.

The device eliminates logging-only trips by combining data acquisition with hole conditioning operations. An open-ended reamer bit and hole-opener are incorporated in the Shuttle to assist hole cleaning, and the drill pipe is rotated and mud circulated at high rates to reduce sticking risk.

Reliability is high because the tools are not exposed to the borehole environment for extended periods, and they are virtually guaranteed to get to bottom. The technique provides wireline-quality data, although the wireline itself is also eliminated by using batteries and a downhole memory module.

The operator will use the Well Shuttle in development wells drilled from a number of platforms in the Bass Strait. Measurements will include density and neutron porosity, acoustic velocity, and resistivity from induction and laterolog devices. Reeves Director for Corporate Development, John Boyes commented: "We believe this contract was awarded because we were able to show clear cost and performance benefits relative to LWD."