SMT, NVIDIA Join Forces to Improve Geoscientific Interpretation Software

Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT) has announced a collaboration with NVIDIA Corporation, to improve the performance of SMT Kingdom software using NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards.

"Our relationship with NVIDIA allows SMT customers to experience dramatic improvements in productivity and performance when dealing with subsurface modeling and mapping," said Indy Chakrabarti, Senior Director of Marketing, SMT. "Through the use of NVIDIA’s professional graphics cards , our customers will experience streamlined imagery and see results faster."

SMT continues to advance the development of integrated interpretation software through strategic alliances. The integration of NVIDIA technology with SMT’s software provides comprehensive new workflows that allow novice and experienced users to quickly and efficiently model the subsurface.

In addition, this agreement gives SMT customers access to NVIDIA CUDA technology, an award-winning C-compiler and software development kit that allows software developers to tap into the parallel architecture of the GPU. By running CUDA on Quadro professional solutions, developers have the ability to process and visualize large amounts of geoscientific data in real-time, instead of minutes or hours.

"Geoscientific analysis is becoming increasingly important, and the need for an accurate, high-quality system is essential," says Jeff Brown, general manager, Professional Solutions, NVIDIA. "SMT is empowering its customers by supporting Quadro graphics with NVIDIA CUDA programmability, allowing them to push beyond the boundaries of traditional 3D. It’s a winning combination for seismic interpretation and modeling."