SMT Underscores Performance Improvements for Geoscience Technologies

SMT has announced performance improvements up to 300% utilizing 64-bit workstations. SMT's compatibility with 64-bit was recently introduced with the Company's release of KINGDOM v. 8.2.

Commenting on the announcement, Indy Chakrabarti, Senior Director of Marketing for SMT, said, "With the increasing demand for oil and gas and the complexities of new oil fields, the need to maximize geoscience technologies is critical. By offering SMT's KINGDOM 8.2 on HP's 64-bit machine, we're enabling geoscientists to handle even larger chunks of seismic data and increase their productivity by as much as 300%."

"When users are loading 6-figure well data, a common practice in our industry, a fast machine is essential to the interpretation and decision making process. KINGDOM on 64-bit delivers a significant increase in productivity on the desktop -- reducing the cycle times and ultimately lowering exploration and operating costs," added Chakrabarti.

To approximately 100 customers at an event co-hosted by SMT, HP, Nvidia, and TSA at Dynamic Global Advisors in Houston, SMT discussed 12 parameters where 64-bit provided advantages, including 77% gains in dynamic time slice loading, and 300% gains in contouring.

"The presentation helped us understand how using better, faster hardware, like HP's 64-bit machine, can help us maximize our KINGDOM software performance and improve overall results," commented Bonnie Chrisman with Greystone, an SMT customer.

Walker Dollahon, Product Manager at HP added, "As geologists continue to make the 32 to 64-bit transition, we look forward to continuing to work closely with SMT in providing workstations optimized to run the latest 64-bit operating systems, allowing our customers to more quickly manipulate and analyze ever larger chunks of data."

SMT operates on all 64-bit and 32-bit Windows-based platforms. Customers who wish to migrate to a 64-bit environment can also have the ability to simultaneously run 32- and 64-bit applications.