Construction on COSCO's New Gen Semisub Vessels Begins in Guangzhou

On August 28, a steel cutting ceremony for COSCO's 50000 DWT New Generation Semisubmersible Vessels, which is invested in by COSCO Shipping Company Limited and will be built by Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited and CSSC Guangzhou Shipbuilding Company Limited, was held in Guangzhou.

Gao Zhaojie, Vice President of CCS, Weng Jiqiang, DGM of Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Company and the leaders of COSCOL attended the ceremony.


These purpose-built heavy lift vessels will have a large open deck measuring 177 x 43 meters (582 x 141 feet) capable of transporting the largest semisubmersible and jackup rigs currently in the market. The vessels will be highly versatile and can handle a wide range of cargoes such as offshore structures, drilling rigs, topsides, jackets, FPUs, FPSOs, barges and other floating or non-floating structures.


Key Features of COSCO's 50,000dwt Semisubmersible Newbuildings:

  • Superior internal strength capable of stern or side loading.
  • 13 m deck submerging capabilities in order to load large floating structures.
  • Ballasting will be controlled by large capacity compressors which will enable operations to be completed in just over 4 hours.
  • The propulsion system will be diesel-electric and will provide a service speed of 14 knots.
  • Easily removable stern buoyancy casings.
  • Double separate redundant propulsion (with Class notation RPS) and ballast systems for increased safety and reliability.


Technical Specifications of COSCO's 50,000dwt Semi-Submersible Newbuildings:

  • Length – 216.7 meters (711 feet)
  • Breadth – 43.0 meters (141 feet)
  • Deadweight – 50,000 tons
  • Summer Draught – 9.85 meters (32 feet)
  • Hull Depth – 13 meters (43 feet)
  • Endurance – 18,000 miles