Restart Delay at Elgin/Franklin Field

The Total-operated Elgin/Franklin field will remain offline until midnight on Wednesday due to technical problems encountered while the field was shutdown for scheduled maintenance. The field resumed operating late on Monday night but went down after 30 minutes due to a seal failure in a compressor. Replacement of the seal could take 36 to 48 hours.

Last week prior to the scheduled maintenance the field was operating at an average daily gas production rate of 15.05 million standard cubic meters and a daily condensate output of 156,000 barrels.

The Elgin/Franklin fields are located in the Central UK sector of the North Sea, approximately 240 kilometers east of Aberdeen and in approximately 93 meters of water. Elgin is located in blocks 22/30b, 22/30c and 29/5b. Franklin is located approximately 5.5km southeast of Elgin and lies within block 29/5b.