TAMM Welcomes New Board Member

TAMM Oil and Gas Corp. welcomes Donald W. Hryhor as a new member of its Board of Directors.

Don W. Hryhor has over 35 years of hands-on experience in various disciplines of the oil exploration industry. From 1972-1988, Hryhor trained with Hryhor Geophysical Ltd., an exploration consulting firm involved in major oilfield discoveries throughout the world, including the first major pools in the British North Sea, U.K., Rainbow Lake, Zama, South Ricinus, and several other fields throughout Western Canada, U.S. Gulf Coast and Texas.

During the past 20 years, Hryhor has independently compiled extensive and proprietary geotechnical studies and reservoir analyses within North America, incorporating over 600,000 wells. His research and geological studies generated prospects located at Yoyo, Bougie, Lucy, Clarke Lake and Helmet in northeast B.C., Sturgeon Lake, Crossfield and Peace River in Alberta, and the N.W.T. Utilizing his technical database, Hryhor was instrumental in TAMM identifying and acquiring Alberta Crown Oilsands and P&NG leases in the Peace River, Alberta region, which has been determined by a qualified independent petroleum engineering firm to contain over 2 billion barrels of total heavy oil in place.

Hryhor founded Canadian Wildcat Exploration Limited in 1988, Scarlet Exploration Inc. ("V.SCO") in 1993, and Grand River Resources Inc. in 1995, oil exploration firms located in Calgary, Alberta. He currently is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Thunder River Energy Inc. (and Thunder's subsidiary, CIMA Holdings Inc. in New Mexico), and operates privately as President and CEO of both Canadian Wildcat Corporation and Western Crown Corporation, both of which are oil exploration firms located in Calgary, Alberta.