A2D & Landmark Graphics Form Well Log Data Alliance

A2D Technologies has entered into a joint marketing agreement with Landmark Graphics Corporation. The two companies will provide direct access to A2D's online digital well log data collection from Landmark's Web-based GIS tool, PowerExplorer ®, which provides integration of data from multiple sources in one common environment. Under this agreement, A2D's comprehensive digital well log data catalog is fully accessible through a secure Web platform, enabling Landmark software users to query, access and acquire critical data.

"This arrangement follows our strategy to provide the industry with workflow efficiencies in all aspects of well log data management. It will provide users with broader and more immediate access to the exploration data they need," said Rod Starr, Sr. VP Enterprise Solutions at A2D Technologies. "Landmark recognizes that its users will benefit from the connectivity we can offer between their products and the world's leading resource for digital well log data online. Our joint efforts will facilitate data management and procurement efficiencies in geologic workflow by greatly reducing the time required for geoscientists to locate, acquire, process and load data into their powerful interpretation environments."

Initially, integration will occur during summer 2003 between A2D's more than 1.5 million well logs and Landmark's PowerExplorer framework. The agreement will also allow Landmark users to take advantage of A2D's broad range of well log data workflow improvements, including well log data standardization, "workstation-ready" processing and depth-calibrated "smartRASTER ®" logs. A2D will also provide well log scanning and digitization, standardization and quality assurance as it relates to Landmark data management customers.

"Enabling our customers improved access, usage, and integration of data will improve their productivity" said John Sherman executive vice president of Marketing and Systems, Landmark. "Landmark's alliance with A2D furthers our strategy of real-time data access that will positively impact our customer's bottom line."

"This integration eliminates inefficient steps in the data management process and enhances geoscientist productivity--a core A2D philosophy," says Starr. "We hope this partnership will also provide the foundation to integrate other geoscience data from our parent company, TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company."