Heerema Marine Sets Up Shop in India

On August 28, Heerema Marine Contractor’s CEO John Reed opened the Company’s new Bangalore office in India. Accompanied by Manager Technology Jurgina Feith and Jaap Zwikker, Vice President Commercial and Business Development for the Asia Pacific region, Mr. Reed cut the ribbon and declared the office open for business.

The new office was set up in line with HMC's strategy to reenter the Asian markets. In conjunction with a spate of recently awarded large projects, including the largest project in the Company’s history – a US$ 1 billion contract off the coast of Angola – and the already significant existing backlog, the demand for engineering work has grown proportionally.
HMC is therefore intensifying its recruitment drive in both the national and international arena. One way in which HMC reaches the international labor market is through opening local offices. Recently we also opened an engineering office in Groningen, the Netherlands, and we are expanding our engineering base in the US and Mexico as well.
For the time being, the Bangalore operation will mostly support global engineering efforts in HMC’s Leiden and Houston offices. Initially the office will provide work to some 20 people, but the plan is to expand to 35 people by the end of the year. Although the Bangalore office is primarily an engineering office, it has the capabilities to expand to a commercial office in future.