StatoilHydro Completes Scheduled Shutdown on Norne Production Ship

StatoilHydro noted that the most comprehensive scheduled shutdown ever performed on the Norne production ship in the Norwegian Sea was completed on the night before Monday, August 25, 2008.

 In 40 days the Company managed, with good assistance from suppliers, to replace the "heart" of the production ship, namely the swivel transferring the oil stream from the pipelines to the ship.

This is the first time an operation of this kind has been carried out at sea in any waters. Such operations have always been performed in a dock.

"After thorough testing of both old and new equipment we can conclude that everything works perfectly and the shutdown has been successful in every way. The reason for the good result is careful planning and a qualified and enthusiastic organization," said Oystein Michelsen, StatoilHydro's head of Operations North.

Strict Demands

The offshore swivel replacement operation has made strict demands on the ship's crew, StatoilHydro's office in Harstad, the supplier SBM from Monaco, the operations and maintenance supplier Aker Reinertsen and the local industry of Nordland county in North Norway.

Not only did they manage to carry out the assignment without any serious incidents, they also completed the job as much as five days ahead of schedule.

"We have for a long time worked on improving the efficiency of the scheduled shutdowns. This shutdown shows that by proper planning an organisation can perform complicated jobs faster without compromising safety," said Torstein Hole, StatoilHydro's head of operational development.

This unit carries responsibility for tasks such as planning and managing scheduled shutdowns on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The swivel replacement was necessary to extend the Norne ship's lifetime from 2016 to 2021 and to prepare it for receiving gas and condensate from the Alve satellite field.