Harriet JV Drills Ahead on Lee-4 Exploration Well

Tap Oil Limited has provided an operational update on the Lee-4 exploration well.


Lee-4 is being drilled from the Linda Platform, located in permit TL/1, part of the Harriet Joint Venture. Linda Platform is located approximately 17 km NW of Varanus Island in 32m of water. Apache is the Operator of the permit and is drilling Lee-4 on behalf of the joint venture partners.


The Lee-4 development well was spudded on Saturday, August 9, 2008 and is currently drilling ahead to intersect objectives in the North Rankin, Brigadier and Mungaroo reservoirs of the Lee field. Lee-4 has progressed to 5,237 meters Measured Depth and is currently drilling ahead. Lee-4 is planned to drill to a total depth of around 5,741 meters Measured Depth which is anticipated to take an additional 3 days. Lee-4 will be completed as part of the Lee field development.

Tap Comment

Lee-4 will increase the deliverability from the Lee field which was discovered in 1999 and brought onto production in 2007.

Harriet Joint Venture Participants:

  • Tap (Harriet) Pty Ltd 12.2229%
  • Apache Northwest Pty Ltd 68.5%
  • Kufpec Australia Pty Ltd 19.2771%