Schlumberger Reveals New Wellsite Multiphase Fluid Sampling Service

Schlumberger has announced the release of its new PhaseSampler wellsite multiphase fluid sampling and analysis service. In combination with PhaseTester multiphase flowmeter, the PhaseSampler service provides representative fluid samples and improves flow rate measurements.

The compact, reliable system operates at line pressure and temperature, using an optical phase detector to distinguish between oil, gas and water. It has a full operating range spanning from heavy oil to gas-condensate.

"Representative fluid and flow information, available at every stage of a well’s life, helps operators reduce uncertainty during exploration, monitor treatment effects in development, and clarify production allocation," said Vlamir Bastos, PhaseSampler product champion, Schlumberger.

When combined with the PhaseTester multiphase flowmeter, the PhaseSampler service reduces decision uncertainty by improving multiphase flow rate measurements. In addition, the collection of phase representative samples allows a full recombination PVT study to be performed using the improved recombination ratio at line conditions.

A Russian operator used the PhaseSampler service to conduct a comprehensive well testing campaign in a gas condensate field in Western Siberia. By using this service the operator was able to accurately measure the reservoir fluid properties and rates to optimize production. It also enabled a better understanding of the transient nature of reservoir fluid composition during a multirate test and allocation of multiphase flow in commingled situations.

The PhaseSampler service offers strong advantages over conventional sampling. It has a smaller footprint at the wellsite, and captures individual phases of oil, gas and water at live conditions in a multiphase flow.