Radway Wells in Alberta Start Up Production

Gale Force Petroleum Inc. announced that production commenced on August 26, 2008 from wells near Radway, Alberta, in which it holds an average 23.75% working interest before payout. Three of four wells have been put on production, with the fourth well expected to be tied in and on production by September, 2008.

Aggregate gross initial production rates including the fourth well are expected to be approximately 2000 MCF per day, with aggregate gross production from the four wells declining to stabilize at approximately 1350 MCF per day after several months of production before the normal hyperbolic decline commences.

"Given the pending sale of our Manitoban properties, the timing is perfect for replacement production coming from the Radway properties," said Michael McLellan, President and Chief Executive Officer. "We also expect
additional production to be coming online shortly from our Kentucky Property."