Jura Spuds Sadiq Well in Pakistan

Jura Energy Corporation announced that the drilling of the Sadiq 2 well commenced on August 26, 2008 at 11:00 am local time. The Sadiq 2 well is located in Block 22 in the Central Gas Basin of Pakistan and has been designed as a development well to target the Sui Main Limestone Reservoir at a depth of 1,104 meters; the well is expected to take 30 days to drill and will be tied into the existing gas processing facilities after an anticipated 8 day testing program.

Sadiq 2 will be the third well drilled within Block 22 since September of 2007, and follows the successful drilling and completion of Hasan 3 in October 2007 and Khanpur 2 in January 2008. Both Hasan 3 and Khanpur 2 have been on production since early 2008.

Jura holds a 10.5% participating interest in Block 22 through its subsidiary, Pyramid Energy International Inc.