BG Gets Go-Ahead for Origin Takeover Bid

BG Group plc announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary BG International (AUS) Investments 1 Pty Limited issued the following announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on August 27, 2008.

"BG International (AUS) Investments 1 Pty Limited ("BG"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BG Group plc, has obtained consent under the New Zealand Overseas Investment Act 2005 and the Overseas Investment Regulations 2005 to complete the acquisition of shares in Origin Energy Limited under the Offer made pursuant to BG's takeover bid.

The consent is subject to confidential conditions, all of which are satisfactory to BG.

BG has therefore waived the condition set out in paragraph 4 of Appendix 2 of the Replacement Bidder's Statement dated July 30, 2008."