Oil Search Prepares DST for Cobra 1A ST3

Oil Search reported that on August 26, the Cobra 1A ST3 well was at a total depth of 2,836 meters and preparations were underway to conduct a closed chamber Drill Stem Test (DST) over the upper Hedinia

Since the last drilling report, a comprehensive formation evaluation program has been completed over the upper Hedinia sandstone interval. While taking pressure measurements, a sample of formation fluid was recovered from near the top of the Hedinia Sandstone, which contains a significant proportion of oil. Further pressure measurements, however, have been unsuccessful in defining fluid gradients in the reservoir and the Joint Venture have agreed to carry out a DST of the interval with the objective of confirming fluid type and reservoir quality.

The test will take place later this week.

Cobra 1A ST3 is located in PPL 190 and lies 13 kilometers east of the SE Gobe oil field and 7 kilometers east of the Bilip oil discovery.

The participants in Cobra 1A ST3 are:

  • Oil Search Limited 62.556%
  • Murray Petroleum Co. Ltd 26.497%
  • Cue PNG Oil Company 10.947%