Brinker Unveils New Sealing Solution for O&G Industry in Norway

The company that brought Platelets, an innovative technology for leak location and sealing based on the human body’s own healing mechanism technology, to the international oil and gas marketplace is now launching a new sealing solution called Plasma.

Aberdeen-based Brinker will launch Plasma today, August 26, 2008, at the Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) conference in Stavanger. Another revolutionary product along the lines of Platelets, Plasma is a dynamic sealant that effectively fixes very fine leaks and cracks such as those that result from fitting failures or faulty valves.

Brinker is now an established provider of novel products and services that ensure or restore integrity in ageing infrastructure where it is critical to avoid costly down-time, mitigate any environmental impact caused by a leak and minimise the need for vessel intervention.

Plasma is a dynamic sealing solution consisting of fine particulate Platelets suspended in a gel carrier medium. Designed for a number of applications in the upstream oil industry, it acts as a high performance valve sealant and can be used as a quick fix to enable intervention work on a pipeline or re-charged for a more long-term solution. It can be easily pumped into a leaking cavity using a hand operated Plasma gun to form an external seal.

Glynn Williams, Executive Director of Brinker commented, "Plasma is ideally suited to low flow applications and was originally developed to address the problem of tubing hanger leaks. It performs exceptionally well as a valve sealant or in situation where a secondary barrier is required such as dynamic clamping where the sealing components have to withstand movement of the sealing elements.

"Plasma has already been trialed with early success on a gas export riser for a major operator. Its ability to meet the increasing need for operators to minimize downtime in ageing infrastructure provides huge potential for Brinker and it is anticipated that the product will help increase the company’s revenues by 20% this year and save the industry millions of pounds."

The advanced sealing properties of the product rely on the fact that when a pressure differential is applied across the Plasma, the Platelets in suspension with the solution, migrate to the leak site preventing further fluid egress and restoring integrity.

Plasma does not solidify or set so that the long-term function of the system, into which it is deployed, is not affected.

Brinker has cemented a reputation for providing innovative engineering solutions and pipeline integrity management. Coupling its break-through technology products with its expert fluids knowledge, the Company offers a unique capability to the industry.