Ramboll Expands Offices, Management Team in Norway

Since 2004, Ramboll Oil & Gas has grown considerably and has expanded into an important player in the Norwegian market. In Norway, the Company plans further expansion by expanding existing offices, new purchases and organic growth.

On the basis of this Managing Director of Ramboll Oil & Gas Norway, Andreas Hatlo has recommended that the top management level is expanded by establishing a joint management level consisting of a Managing Director and an Executive Director.

Accordingly, Hatlo will step into the Executive Manager position at his own request with strategic development focusing on growth in Norway as his area of responsibility. Hatlo has extensive experience from the Norwegian oil and gas market and has in-depth industry knowledge. His network, understanding of the business and strategic capabilities will be important to Ramboll Oil & Gas' further development in Norway.

Until a permanent Managing Director has been appointed Egil Fredriksen will act as the company Managing Director. Fredriksen is employed at Ramboll Norway and has broad management experience on both a national and an international basis. He knows Ramboll Oil & Gas in depth and will contribute with strong managerial skills focused on strengthened implementation and operation.