Not Just Fun And Games: Ramboll Uses LEGO's Platform Model at ONS

Upcoming Norwegian offshore convention ONS will showcase a LEGO model of a Ramboll designed platform and new 'build your own platform' software, developed by LEGO for Ramboll.

A 160 centimeter tall LEGO model of Ramboll's groundbreaking mono-column platform, designed to produce oil on marginal fields, will be the company's eye catcher at next week's offshore convention in Stavanger, Norway.

Customers visiting the Ramboll stand, hall B stand 218, may receive a miniature LEGO kit of the platform, which is a true copy of two platforms designed for DONG Energy and operating in the Danish sector of the North Sea. Visitors will also have a chance to try out the innovative, new 'Build your own platform' software program, which LEGO has developed for Ramboll.

With a few mouse clicks you can assemble your own platform, adding individual design touches with the various available modules such as life boats, accomodation and helidecks. You also have a choice of geographical locations.

"It is a lot of fun to play with and you get a great sense of how a real life platform is put together," explained Nigel Michaels who is Ramboll's CAD Systems Manager, and who has also been heavily involved in the project. "LEGO came to us with the idea of developing the software and our cooperation evolved from there."

Not Just Fun and Games

It was, however, more than the program's playful element that appealed to Michaels and his colleagues at Ramboll. "The program has great potential both as a sales and design tool," said Director of Market Development Kai Birger Olsen.

According to Olsen, the program will make it much easier for the customer to visualize Ramboll's design concepts and ideas as well as take part in the creative process. "Once the program is further developed, it can also serve as a great design tool for our engineers," concluded Olsen.


The 160 centimeter exhibit model is built in a 1:50 scale using 18,700 LEGO bricks. However, the jacket structure has been reduced to enable visitors to have a close look into the topsides module.