Petrobras' July Production in Brazil, Abroad Tops 2.4MM Barrels/Day

Petrobras' oil and natural gas production in Brazil and abroad in July was 2,420,414 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), 3.9% more than a year ago and stable compared to the volume produced in the previous month. Considering only the fields in Brazil, total production averaged 2,195,855 boe/d, 5% more than July 2007 and stable compared to June 2008.

Only taking oil into account, total daily production (Brazil and abroad) reached 1,986,253 barrels/day, 2.5% more than a year ago and basically the same as in June 2008. Petrobras’ gas production in Brazil, not including the liquefied volume, surged 18.7% over a year ago, to 52.255 million cubic meters, a volume that was stable compared to the previous month’s mark.

In July, the international oil and gas production, in barrel equivalents, was 224,559, a 3% increase over June 2008, but 5.7% less than a year ago.