Brigham Regains Control of Palmer #7 Well

Brigham Exploration experienced a loss of surface control while attempting to commingle various producing intervals in its Palmer #7 well in its Home Run Field earlier this week. The incident occurred when a 10,000 psi master valve on the well head failed causing an uncontrolled flow to the surface. The well did not catch on fire, and all liquid runoff was confined to a small area.

On May 7, 2003 Wild Well Control Inc. successfully capped the well. The wellhead that failed was replaced with a new wellhead allowing the well to be shut in. Within the next couple of days, Brigham will commence fishing operations to recover the coiled tubing that was cut off and dropped in the hole during the Company's efforts to regain control of the well. If successful, Brigham will then attempt to commingle all of the Vicksburg pay intervals in the well.

Bud Brigham, Brigham's CEO and President, commented, "Obviously, we are very pleased to have arrested the surface flow of the Palmer #7 without injuries or significant harm to the environment. We're very eager to attempt to finish the completion of the Palmer #7, and hope to have positive results to report in the next several weeks."