Sensornet Develops New Extreme Heat, Harsh Environment Cables

Sensornet has developed a new high performance SureSightTM fiber-optic distributed temperature cable range which can withstand extreme heat and operate in the harshest downhole environments.

Used for high temperature wellbore monitoring, the SureSightTM cables withstand temperatures up to 300ºC (572ºF), which are often experienced in steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and cyclic steam injection (CSS) wells in steamflood reservoirs. By providing real-time permanent monitoring for enhanced recovery and proactive management, the technology marks a step change in performance from traditional technologies.

As an increasing number of wells are developed in hostile conditions, SureSightTM cables have been designed and optimised with double ended measurement capabilities. This is particularly important in hydrogen rich, high temperature installations as single-ended measurements become susceptible to changes in temperature caused by hydrogen ingress. This can present significant problems for operators as incorrect temperature readings can be produced.

The unique cable construction provides a number of benefits over the use of standard fibre optic technology. While multiple layers provide a pressure barrier to prevent damaging hydrogen ingress, the latest generation of optical fibres minimise the effects of hydrogen darkening with chemical composition and coatings. The rugged cable design means the integrity of the DTS system can be monitored during installation and information sourced on stimulant/frac fluid placement.

John Perrin, Sensornet VP North & South America, said, "The SureSightTM cable range represents the latest offering in analysis systems for downhole technology. Our engineers have developed a unique technology for the high temperature market and I am confident it will have a major impact on the industry. High temperature methods are increasingly being used to develop reservoirs and SureSightTM provides operators with the ideal monitoring solution."