Cairn's Gauri Gas Field Development on Schedule

Cairn says that the Gauri gas field development is progressing on schedule. The installation of the offshore Gauri jacket was completed ahead of schedule in late April and the first of four development wells is due to commence shortly. Two or three of the Gauri gas development wells will be deepened in order to appraise the underlying oil reservoir. The Guari field is located offshore Gujarat state in Western India.

On Lakshmi, three oil appraisal wells have been drilled this year in the extreme north and west of the field. The wells were designed to test the extent and connectivity of individual reservoir bodies. The results to date have indicated the presence of numerous oil reservoirs with gas caps but have highlighted the complexity of the reservoirs. Further appraisal drilling is expected to resume later in the year following development drilling at Gauri. Studies are underway to assess the feasibility of producing oil and feeding it through the Lakshmi gas gathering system using either the Gauri platform or one of the Lakshmi platforms as a hub.